Music review

Kelli Brogan is a new artist here on Trend City Radio and has already made a splashing impact. Her new hit single titled “I Miss The Little Things” has already charted in the #Top40Countdown & continues to climb the chart’s as the week’s go by. Kelli Brogan amazing voice instantly standout the moment you here this track. Her energy, love & passion for music is felt in every lyric. In this song she expresses all the thing’s she misses about life that we all normally take for granted. The little things, such as hanging out with your friends or family at sporting event’s & chilling at park area’s. Due to COVID a lot of what we use to do has now been stripped away from the public, Kelli Brogan is here to remind us of what it’s like to be human & enjoy life as it comes. This is more than just a song, this is a wake up call to humanity, to not forget the importance of happiness. Kelli Brogan beautiful voice mixed with the talented production is a combination for success. I rate “I Miss The Little Things” 5 outta 5 Flames! 

Margaret Jager and the Members of WRAAC Association Vic Inc.


Hi Kelli,

As the Interim President of WRAAC Association Vic Inc. 

We are truly amazed each time you put a mic in your hand the powerful message in your songs and the way that you sing them.

You are every bit a powerhouse performer your words are inspirational and the way you deliver them.

AMAZING PERFORMER! First saw her at the St, SEBASTIAN MALTESE CLUB for their ANNUAL DINNER DANCE , SAT. 18 JUNE 2022.” - Charlie Delia

Pam Olver

Long-time fan


You are an amazing artist, singer and performer. You are so talented. I love hearing you sing. You can see how much you enjoy singing and entertaining the crowd with every song you sing. I feel privileged to have seen you grow with your music.

Pam Olver

Judith-Kate Friedman

Songwriter works educational foundation

"Bold, beautiful, and sincere!" 

Wendy-Lee Allen


"An absolutely amazing talented performer, whose voice takes you on a truly unforgettable journey." 

RON & SANDRA - Long-Time Fan

"We have followed your singing career for many years, You have a fantastic voice, very powerful and you put your heart and soul into every performance ."